Turns out that aid from China is not as good as it looks

Posted on May 15 2018 - 6:35pm by Editor

American thinker

15 May 2018

Remember how China drew praise for extending all that influence throughout Africa, and not just Africa, but in Latin America and Asia, too? Investing in development where wicked private investors just wouldn’t? Telling everyone that its gentle message worldwide was “Let’s get rich together”? Showing America how it’s done?

This propaganda has been in the news pipeline for years and drawn a lot of praise, or at least subtle accolades, from the pundits. But now it turns out that that aid and those “investments” weren’t quite as free and altruistic as promoted.

China is now putting the squeeze on the countries it made its “investments” in. Not content with a profitable return on those “investments,” the way those wicked and stingy private investors would be, it’s demanding a different kind of return: influence. This is what’s known as “neo-colonialism” if a Western


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