News roundup 22 March 2018

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22 March 2018

Les ordonnateurs des pays ACP en immersion au terminal à conteneurs de Doraleh

[ACP Officers experience the Doraleh Container Terminal]

La Nation

Djibouti’s daily newspaper La Nation reports on a guided tour organized by the Managing Director of the Doraleh Container Terminal Management Company for coordinators and officials from African-Caribbean-Pacific (ACP) countries, presenting the national company now managing the port, described as being ‘considered one of the most successful in Africa.’ Regarding DP World, Managing Director Warsama Hassan Ali said that through the decision made, Djibouti has ‘reaffirmed its intention to preserve and develop the activities of the container terminal while respecting the law and best interests of all stakeholders.’ He also introduced the Management Company as the entity formed to take over the strategic port’s activities and defend Djibouti’s sovereign interest. Also noted in the article is that with the end of the contract with DP World, the company regains its ambition and potential. Doraleh is described as the most efficient, modern and technologically advanced terminal on Africa’s East coast.


Most of Africa’s Leaders Sign On to Continent-Wide Free Trade Pact

New York Times

44 African countries, including Djibouti, have signed a free trade pact on Wednesday at the African Union summit. Yet the African Continental Free Trade Area was not signed by all countries across the continent, including Nigeria and South Africa, raising concerns given the clout of the two economies. This news story was widely reported on, including by outlets such as Africa NewsMail & GuardianLe Figaro (€), Le Monde (€) and the BBC.


Sommet extraordinaire de l’UA à Kigali: Djibouti signe l’accorde-cadre de la Zone de libre-échange continentale africaine

[African Union Summit in Kigali: Djibouti Signs Framework Agreement for the African Continental Free Trade Area]


Xinhua also reports on the African Union summit, with an explicit focus on Djibouti. It is reported that Djibouti’s President Guelleh signed the African Continental Free Trade Area agreement, which addresses the movement of goods and persons, customs arrangements and the Kigali Declaration. Together, this single market could represent a GDP of more than $2.5 trillion. Guelleh is quoted as having said that now, ‘more than ever, it is important for our continent to rid itself of the legacy of colonization, which by fragmenting our peoples and territories has contributed to the marginalization of our internal markets and economies.’


Port Dispute May Destabilize Horn of Africa, Minister Says


Saad Ali Shire, Somaliland’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, has said that the dispute over plans to develop a port in Somaliland comes with risks of destabilizing the Horn of Africa region. Bloomberg reports this impasse could in turn ‘jeopardize Ethiopia’s bid to reduce its reliance on neighboring Djibouti as its main trade route through the Red Sea and the United Arab Emirates’ plans to extend its military influence in the region.’ The Berbera port is to host a UAE military airport and naval base.


DP World to build and manage Congolese deepwater port


A short Reuters piece reports on DP World’s plans to build and manage a deep-water port in the Democratic Republic of Congo. In conclusion, the article notes that DP World has ‘encountered problems in recent weeks’ referencing both Doraleh and Berbera.


Govt shuts down diaspora funds, to open 18 new missions in Africa

Business Standard

As the Indian Development Foundation of Overseas Indians closes down, 18 new missions will be opened across Africa to ‘increase India’s footprint on the resource-rich continent where China has been trying to increase its presence.’ Djibouti is among those new missions.


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