Djibouti: Guelleh clings to his throne

Posted on Feb 25 2016 - 9:34am by Editor

Africa Time 22 February 2016


Ismail Omar Guelleh.

Elections are the most haunting politicians once they come to power. Fear of losing a prestigious position leads them to not take care of the public and only thing their next reelection account. This intrinsic flaw in the democratic system under perfusion media does not exist in many African countries. This is the case of Djibouti where President Guelleh reigns for nearly two decades. The issue of re-election is not really one, but the commonwealth is still distant presidential concerns. Hold on to provide even plunge the country into chaos, this is the approach taken for several months by Ismail Omar Guelleh.


This aphorism now well known in France ready to smile as the head of state has leader’s name. In Djibouti, it’s been much less laugh because it wants President Guelleh, President Guelleh. A constitutional change to be able to present a third time for president in 2011? No problem ! Like a monarch, who promised to bring the country out of poverty snatches everything he wants (but only for him). Five years later he repeated.

This time it is to be elected for a fourth term. The thing is not simple because the people are, if not hostile, at least circumspect about such an approach that feels the parade of democracy. If given a free hand for a constitutional standpoint, the question is purely political. How to pull a fast one over to Djibouti who aspire only social peace and democracy? Easy ! The suggestion is that we do not represent the system in place pretends to fear the void and “popular” exclamation propels Omar Guelleh at the head of his party for the next elections to be held on 8 April.


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