African countries still open to cooperation on China-funded projects, ambassador says

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21 March 2018


South China Morning Post

The SCMP reports on African countries remaining open to cooperation with China regarding infrastructure, according to China’s ambassador to the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, Zhou Yuxiao. The article goes on to cite concerns over possible debt levels arising out of the Belt and Road Initiative, to which Djibouti is considered vulnerable according to the Centre for Global Development. At the same time, the article gives mention to a report by Baker McKenzie and Silk Road Associates which found that the Initiative offers ‘considerable investment opportunities’ particularly for countries in the East of the continent, again naming Djibouti. The next meeting of the aforementioned Forum on China-Africa Cooperation is due to take place in Beijing in September. The article was also reposted on Yahoo News Singapore.

How India and China are vying for influence in South Asia
Times of India
This article opens with Indian Prime Minister Modi’s government’s concerns over growing Chinese presence in India’s neighborhood; in response, India is upping aid to its neighbors and increasing efficiency in implementing its own development projects. The lengthy article cites Djibouti as an example of where warnings have arisen regarding debt traps due to China’s investments, again citing the Centre for Global Development.
Amélioration du climat des affaires Une revue ministérielle des réformes en cours
[Ministerial Review of Reforms Underway to Improve the Business Climate]
La Nation
Reported on in the Djiboutian press is an ‘important ministerial meeting’ held last weekend regarding the ongoing reforms to improve the framework for business in the country. The focal point was the upcoming ‘Doing Business 2019’ report. The World Bank is cited as a key partner in the ongoing reform process.

Préparatifs du sommet extraordinaire de l’UA à Kigali: Une delegation gouvernementale djiboutienne participle au << sommet des affaires >>
[Preparation for the African Union Summit in Kigali: A government delegation from Djibouti participates in the business summit]

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