Sailor 360 embraced at Camp Lemonnier

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25 July 2018

Camp Lemonnier embraces Sailor 360

Sailors forward deployed to Camp Lemonnier and Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa have been making the transition for the past several months from Chief Petty Officer 365 to a new leadership initiative, Sailor 360.

The Sailor 360 program is scheduled to be rolled out Navy-wide in October 2018.The initiative marks the first significant change since 2011 on how the service trains its enlisted leaders.

Chief Petty Officer Irene Aguilar, the leading chief petty officer of CPO 365, said there are unique challenges, including scheduling, to incorporating the new training. Because of the high tempo of the operational mission and the frequent turnover of people, it could take longer here than elsewhere to fully implement the program.

“We are in a forward-deployed environment, so it’s not like we’re back home and can plan to have training on a set day,” Aguilar said. “We are here to complete a mission; everyone is very busy.”

Sailor 360 applies seven leadership elements: alignment, habits, training, education, opportunity, feedback and self-awareness.
Aguilar said the aim of Sailor 360 is to introduce these leadership elements to Sailors below the rank of petty officer first class – something that was not part of the previous leadership model.

“We tend to focus leadership at a senior level,” Aguilar said. “The junior enlisted people are the foundation of the Navy and our future chiefs.”

Secretary of the Navy Richard V. Spencer addressed the Sailor 360 program’s integrated leadership style in “Laying the Keel – Developing the backbone of our Navy.”

“A professional, formal leadership development curriculum reinforced by innovative, meaningful command-developed training such as Sailor 360 [is] how command leaders will grow competence and improve character while instilling integrity, accountability, initiative and toughness in every Sailor,” he wrote.
Because Sailor 360 is command-developed, leaders have the flexibility to tailor existing source material to best fit their observed needs.

A majority of Sailors deployed to Camp Lemonnier are members of the Navy Reserve. Prior to deploying, many reserve Sailors are introduced to leadership training through CPO 365 at their Navy operational support centers.

Aguilar said that if the reserve centers make this training important it will help lay the foundation for the continuation of training for those stationed here.

Camp Lemonnier’s Command Master Chief, Jon H. Morton, said that with the rollout of Sailor 360, he anticipates a more comprehensive approach to leadership training at the lower enlisted levels. He said the type of training Sailor 360 offers is the most effective way to develop long-lasting leadership skills.

“Sailor 360’s experiential learning curriculum will be better for junior Sailors,” Morton said. “The top-down approach of a lecture-based training just doesn’t have the same impact. I’m looking forward to this change.”

Camp Lemonnier’s mission includes enabling joint warfighters operating forward and to reinforce the U.S. – Djibouti relationship by providing exceptional services and facilities for the tenant commands, transient U.S. assets and service members.

Camp Lemonnier is one of Navy Region Europe, Africa, Southwest Asia, installations that conducts eight lines of operation to support air operations, port operations, safety, security, housing, MWR, Fleet and Family Support and what is called the core: the fuels, water and power that keep the bases operating.

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